We specialise in homeowner’s insurance, commercial building insurance, factories, etc., as well as structural insurance.

We are one of the leading brokerages in South Africa who specialises in structure insurance, and we structure a specific insurance package for each client.

Homeowners are no longer required by law to insure their building directly through the bank. The customer can now obtain this cover from a short-term insurer, like Steodel Insurance Consultants. We offer you the opportunity to transfer your buildings / homeowner policy to a unique product called: Housesure

How Housesure works:

Housesure and Riscor provide a unique product and service, which makes it possible for our clients to transfer their homeowner policies with no hassle.

Housesure and Riscor will handle all the administration relating to cancellation of your policy at the bank and issuing of the new policy.


  • Accidental damage of up to R5000 is included
  • No interest is payable on your premium
  • If you decide to move your geyser outside in the event of a claim, the policy covers ALL the cost and no excess is paid
  • Premiums are 20% to 30% less expensive than with banks
  • Assessors are appointed within 24 hours
  • Geysers are replaced within 6 hours
  • Geyser maintenance is included in the policy and the normal excess applies
  • Labour to repair leaking pipes are covered
  • Underinsurance is something of the past
  • The client receives an attorney gift voucher with every homeowner’s policy that is taken out
  • With the gift voucher, the homeowner qualifies for 15% discount if he or she uses the attorneys of the Housesure panel when buying or selling a new house.


  • Risk Evaluation
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Assets and Liability Insurance
  • Marine, Transit & Accident Insurance
  • Fleet Insurance
  • Construction & Engineering Insurance
  • Loss Prevention and Risk Management

Steodel Insurance Consultants / Housesure Service Level Agreements

  • Same day turnaround and feedback from all kinds of services including claims, i.e. appointment of assessors, settling of claims etc.
  • To advise clients with the highest level of good faith and diligence.
  • To comply with all legislation regulating the financial services industry.
  • To maintain a high level of professional knowledge and present clients with the best advice.
  • To disclose the exact amount of commission on all transactions.
  • Only to make use of product providers who can add value to our service as your broker.

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